söndag 21 oktober 2012

My letter to my fellow creative Brony

Idag har jag skickat in ett brev till http://www.equestriadaily.com/ som förklarar vad jag vill göra med mitt projektarbete. Jag skrev klart det idag med hjälp utav min sambo Jerry, den är helt på engelska eftersom jag vill ta kontakt med människor utanför Sverige.  Så här lyder brevet.

Mlp Art exhibition Sweden 

Hello internet and fellow bronies! My name is Marina Palm and I am an art student at Örebro art college and here to talk about an art exhibition that is all about My little pony friendship is magic. The point of this exhibition is to show how good mlp is and inspire others to go watch this show. I was hoping that you could help me out. Since I am only one person I can only give my own impression of this show. I would like other artists interpetations of this show and why they love it so much. It can be video, music, comics, flash animations, tradional art, games, poems, digital art, a letter how you became a brony or how it has affected you, etc. You can do almost anyting. I’m not accepting porn or weird fan fiction.  I will select 5 to 10 people who will have their art displayed at this exhibition, and they will be informed by email.  

The plan is that this will be shown in my artschool or at another location if I can get enough potential participants for the exhibition by this december. 
If you would like to discuss the exhibition or show me your artworks in person and you can make the travelling arrengements, I am willing to meet you in person before the exhibition takes place. I am willing to talk to anyone who has been accepted to the exhibition on skype.

When the exhibition is near we´ll have to figure out how we´ll will set everything up. I will credit your artworks with your name and your contact information ( if you want me to) and a description of your work. I will send you pictures of the exhibition and of your art. 

I have a blog about this project http://mlpswe.blogspot.se/ where you can ask me questions and check out all my pony art I have made so far. Check that out if you want to, but currently this blog is mainly in Swedish so I have to translate most of this blog. 
I also have  a deviantart page if you are intrested to see what other art i have made http://angel-gotic.deviantart.com/

Remember! this is not a big art exhibition and a lot can change, but see it as a chance to show people what makes this show good and to show your own creativity.

Please send me a picture or a link to what you want to have on this exhibiton, a little info of what you have done and a picture of yourself to mlpswe@live.com  

I will inform those whom i have chosen by email. 

If you do not get an answer for three weeks, I'm sorry to say I did not select your art to be a part of this exhibition.  
If however I did not recive to many emails requesting to be a part of this exhibition, I will try my best to answer everyone about wether or not your artworks were accepted. 

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon! 

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  1. A children's poem I wrote about ponies.

    I don't know if you like alliterations but.

    OH! and a pick of me the author.
    AAAnd one more just because.

    My Email address is jacobellinger@gmail.com